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what he thinks of the budget. these cuts in defense spending are based and has been made known by the administration there will be no more land wars. weyou know how many times have said that in the 20th century after world war i, world , andi, korean war, vietnam we always had to rebuild the military, because it is not always a conflict of our choosing. >> do you see this as a central problem with the president's budget? issue with america's role in the world. he does not believe in american exceptionalism or leadership. that is why our influence is , especiallyhe world in the middle east where the united states influence and power is no longer a factor. much a consensus builder. we did not have it with the u.k. for syria. do you think things are changing at all or still in the position where it will be an uphill battle trying to convince other nations to join us as we deal with this problem? already we're seeing disappointing but not surprising signs from germany and the british that basically they do not want to do anything serious. one reason is because of the energy supplie
about the bus, but now i am on to cars. the defense summit at washington, d.c., we have the latest from the ukraine as well as pending changes to the u.s. military budget. william cohen will be joining me to give me more details, he served as secretary of defense under president bill clinton. outside the banks, they are talking about skateboarding. we have tony hawk, the legend from state wording, turning the sport into a mega-million-dollar business. all of that and more coming up at 5 p.m. eastern. more "street smart," next. ♪ >> we were talking about an overhaul of the tax code and whether or not it has any legs. that is tomorrow and we will talk some more about it. >> that is good. it has been a long time since we have had comprehensive tax reform bills. >> all the way back to the 80's, right? >> back when the giver was in office. >> 86. >> maybe they can bring ronald reagan back to life. >> we will see. on. >>tony hawk comes that is awesome. >> that's right. stick around, everyone. ♪ the hour, meaning that bloomberg tv is on the markets. let's get you caught up on how the marke
in support of the ukrainian people. this morning, secretary hagel announced the defense department is taking concrete steps to stepsre our nato allies like expanding our aviation contributions our . this is on top of other steps the united states is artie taking wake suspending bilateral discussions -- >> you have been listening to secretary of state reiterating the u.s. support of the ukraine. we are here on set with our guest and we were just talking earlier about the ukraine. we spoke earlier with our reporter on the ground. sensed there was a earlier that maybe things have reached a lull. that is not the case now. we have a secretary of state saying we're here to defend the ukraine. what does that mean you a -- meaning? -- mean? a case not believe it is or might economic sanchez. his a board to keep in mind russia has a lot of parts -- cards they hold as well. cards or the natural gas the west is dependent on. you he is a jacksonian guy. a tough guy. he will stop at less than we will. and he is willing to put a lot more on the line qwest as he does not do the same laws >> he's not necess
. >> defense secretary chuck hagel is trying to sell his vision for leaner, meaner military. we look at five powerful weapons on the chopping block. ♪ right, if you want more rankings, go to >> we would be right back. ♪ right, it is almost time to get your bracket ready. march madness is just around the corner, with college basketball it is big, big business jury of the sport has brought in about $16 billion for the ncaa since 2000. the players, they are not seeing any of that money. maybe they should? joining us now is paul, who authored the cover story of businessweek this week, focusing on what athletes are getting paid for or the money that they are not getting paid. on the phone we have greg, the host of pardon in the mode -- in the morning. great to have you both here. incredible when you think of all the money that these young athletes are generating for these schools and the schools are saying that you get a scholarship and, basically, that's it. wrong with this system? >> one thing that is wrong with the system, as we described in our cover story, is that som
this is something you expect to happen and be defensive about it, and still shop where you would shop anyway? >> that is what we believe. i have heard all sides of this. >> i'm sorry, joe. come on. you really think someone wants to willingly shop at target right now? look at the sales slump in the latest quarter. i know i would think twice about going into target. why wouldn't i think twice about sears or neiman marcus? it is hard to say, i will just ignore these headlines. >> but every time you pull out their credit card and viewing -- use it, on amazon or anyone else, it is just as much at risk. >> i agree. the problem is amazon has not had the issue. >> it didn't happen at walmart, didn't happen in other places. >> if it does, sure, a consumer will think was about shopping at those retailers. to -- isn't as damaging to a company's brand? damagingitial hit is financially, right away. the brand reputation is how you deal with that. do you provide more security? do you provide discounts? do you provide free credit isitoring, like target doing? that is how you can kind of recover. i definitel
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5